This easy-to-use, entry level player system brings thrilling piano performances to your piano.
PianoCD is an easy-to-use, entry-level system for those who wish to have a player piano but don’t need many of the advanced features of our other systems. Its ultra-thin control unit plays via PianoDisc’s specially-formatted PianoCDs, which feature music in every category. With PianoCD, each piano key has the capability of 127 levels of expression. PianoCD brings you the thrill of live piano music simply and at an affordable price.

SilentDrive is an important, built-in feature of all PianoDisc systems. SilentDrive ensures that PianoDisc systems play with life-like expression, and sound remarkable even at the whisper-soft volume levels. It allows precise control of the piano’s keys and pedals for greater fidelity, expression and low-volume control. SilentDrive consists of four boards: one CPU (central processing unit) and three custom ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip-driven boards. The boards communicate using a type of serial information link that runs faster than MIDI. This electronic link allows for the almost instantaneous changes to the solenoid’s speed when a new command is given. With SilentDrive, the PianoDisc system plays at much quieter levels, with whisper quiet movement of the solenoids and incredible dynamic expression.

SilentDrive Plus is the latest enhancement to this technology. It is available as an update.

Options for PianoCD:
Powered Speakers – These high performance audio speakers bring the sound of orchestrated accompaniment to life. Each amplified speaker (usually bought as a pair) is carefully mounted under your piano, to provide a perfectly balanced musical accompaniment to your piano’s live performance. The resulting sound is thrilling: as your piano plays live, you can hear a jazz trio, a vocalist or even a symphony orchestra playing along with it.

PianoAmp (Microphone Pickup) – Designed to “mike” an acoustic piano, the pickup attaches to the soundboard of the piano, and connects to an audio input on the PianoCD. The acoustic piano and orchestrated accompaniment will be heard anywhere there are speakers. Excellent for use with whole house audio or surround sound systems. The results are nothing short of incredible.

CD Wireless – This system allows you to connect your own CD changer to the PianoCD system with no need for external wiring.