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Disklavier Mark III performance in one of Yamaha’s most popular upright pianos! Now with a built-in CD drive, the DU1 EN offers more entertainment possibilities than ever!

Outstanding pianos and sophisticated musical entertainment systems in one!
The new Disklavier Mark III upright offers an unprecedented range of playback, recording and other features in the classic, space-efficient and budget-friendly vertical form of the perennially popular Yamaha DU1 EN piano.

The original Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for recording, auto playback and more. Since that time, these computer-age ‘player’ pianos have evolved into instruments of truly remarkable capabilities. They can reproduce not only ‘live’ acoustic piano concerts, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocal tracks as well. They allow you to record and play back your own performance, create complex multi-track arrangements, and connect to the world of musical opportunities offered by MIDI devices, personal computers and the Internet. Their unique combination of acoustic excellence and digital versatility has made them an increasingly popular choice of pianists, educators and music-lovers worldwide.

Expanded recording and playback functions.
Newly equipped with a CD drive, the DU1 EN now offers the full functionality of a Disklavier Mark III grand in a popular upright model, allowing you to enjoy the entire range of Yamaha and third-party software, including CD software complete with high-fidelity vocal and instrumental audio tracks. It also features PianoSmart™, a new technology that lets you record your own piano or MIDI instrumental tracks while listening to your favorite audio CDs, and then play them back in perfect harmony. PianoSmart™ even allows you to synchronize recording and playback with video cameras and multi-track audio recording equipment.

Newly designed control unit.
Equipped with 16 MB of internal memory, the Disklavier control unit lets you store your favorite songs for easy-access pre-programmed entertainment. An integrated digital tone generator can recreate nearly 700 instrumental tones, through headphones or external speakers, for piano/MIDI ensemble performance. PC, MIDI and AUX connections offer easy access to a world of external enhancements, from audio equipment and MIDI devices to personal computers and the Internet.

Supported by a vast library of Yamaha PianoSoft™ software, the Disklavier can reproduce live concerts by many of the world’s top pianists, complete with the lifelike key and pedal movement.

It’s like having world-class artists performing just for you.

It can also deliver high-fidelity vocal and instrumental tracks, so you can enjoy jazz combos, popular groups, chamber ensembles and more.

New teaching technology now even allows you to synchronize recording and playback with your own standard audio CDs or video camera.

Yamaha PianoSoft™ software

The original Disklavier music software, Yamaha PianoSoft offers prerecorded piano concerts by many of the greatest pianists of our times, along with many more performances by top studio pianists. The PianoSoft library includes literally hundreds of titles in genres from classical to jazz, pop and country music, along with special seasonal collections, regional anthologies, children’s songs, and compilations made especially for instrumental or vocal accompaniment. Whatever your taste in music, PianoSoft can bring it to you at the touch of a button, with ‘live’ piano music in the comfort of your own home!

PianoSoft-Plus™ ensemble software

The ‘Plus’ in Yamaha PianoSoft-Plus software is the addition of digital instrumental ensemble tracks, made possible by the Disklavier’s internal XG MIDI tone generator. With these disks, you can enjoy Disklavier acoustic piano performance augmented by the sound of strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and more. Sit back to the beautiful sounds of chamber music, the passion and drive of a jazz quartet, the upbeat tempos of a popular group, or a stirring orchestral arrangement. It’s all right there, with the ease of a single diskette. Just slip it into your Disklavier, press PLAY and enjoy your command performance.

PianoSoft-PlusAudio™ ensemble software

The Mark III Series’ CD-playing capabilities expand your musical entertainment options even further. PianoSoft-PlusAudio and other audio/MIDI CD software complements Disklavier performance with high-fidelity vocal and instrumental audio track. Experience the sound of your favorite groups – complete with vocalists and instrumental soloists – enhanced by the live-concert presence of Disklavier acoustic piano playback. With a variety of titles already available*, and more in development, your Disklavier can entertain you and your guests better than ever – all with the ease and convenience of conventional audio CDs.

NEW! PianoSmart technology opens up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities.
PianoSmart™ A truly revolutionary breakthrough in Disklavier technology, the PianoSmart system opens up a world of additional ways to enjoy your digital/acoustic piano. PianoSmart intelligently synchronizes Disklavier recording and playback with the operation of the built-in CD player. What this means in real terms is that you can now record your own piano or electronic instrumental tracks while listening to your favorite CDs, and play them back in perfect combination with the original recordings. ‘Sit in’ with the hottest new groups, classic combos or a full symphony orchestra, then sit back, press a couple of buttons, and listen to yourself performing ‘live’ with the pros!

Through the use of MTC (MIDI Time Code), PianoSmart can also synchronize recording and playback with external devices such as multi-track recording equipment and video cameras*. These features enable pianists, families and educators to create audiovisual records of any performance, complete with ‘live’ Disklavier acoustic piano playback, stereo audio instrumentals and vocals, and full-motion video – all as one integrated presentation. They also allow creative musicians to collaborate in ways seldom dreamed of before. In combination with the many other Disklavier capabilities, PianoSmart extends digital/acoustic

New! Speaker connections.

The DU1 EN now comes equipped with speaker jacks. Just plug in your own powered speakers to enjoy piano/ensemble performance or play the piano at reduced volume in digital Quite mode. PC, MIDI and AUX connections.

Along with an unprecedented range of internal capabilities, Disklavier pianos also provide easy plug-and-play access to a world of external equipment. MIDI IN/Out jacks let you control devices like synthesizers and sequencers from the Disklavier piano keyboard, add the capabilities of other MIDI devices to your Disklavier ensemble, or play the Disklavier’s piano and instrumental tones from external equipment.

AUX connections let you amplify the Disklavier’s sound via external audio equipment. The AUX In jack also allows you to listen and play along with audio recordings through external speakers or headphones.

The built-in PC interface lets you connect the Disklavier directly to your personal computer, for virtually unlimited range of additional possibilities. Play the Disklavier from your PC keyboard or applications. Download music files for playback on your Disklavier. Or even transmit Disklavier performances across the Internet. Silent System versatility

The built-in Silent System lets you cancel the acoustic sound and play at reduced volume through external speakers or headphones. This capability makes the Disklavier great for use as a MIDI controller and for multi-track recording, too.

Included Accessories:

  • Wireless remote control unit with batteries
  • PianoSoft sample disk
  • CD software
  • Blank 3.5″ HD floppy disk
  • Owner’s manuals
  • HPE-170 headphones