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The Disclavier Mark III upright offers an unprecedented range of playback, recording, and other features in the classic, space-efficient, and budget-friendly vertical form of the perennially popular Yamaha DYUS1 EN piano.

Yamaha’s Ever Popular Disklavier Upright.
Yamaha Disklavier DYUS1 EN. Now you can enjoy the features of a Mark III Disklavier in the smaller footprint of an upright.Like the successful Mark III grands that came before it, the new upright features a CD drive, SmartKey and CueTime™ software, a 16MB Extra Memory Kit, and Quiet and Silent Modes. In addition, it carries the groundbreaking PianoSmart technology that will be standard on all new Disklavier Mark III models.PianoSmart technology automatically synchronizes the playback of standard audio CDs with the MIDI files containing the piano part—whether purchased from Yamaha or recorded by yourself.

PianoSmart technology opens up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities.
PianoSmart™ A truly revolutionary breakthrough in Disklavier technology, the PianoSmart system opens up a world of additional ways to enjoy your digital/acoustic piano. PianoSmart intelligently synchronizes Disklavier recording and playback with the operation of the built-in CD player. What this means in real terms is that you can now record your own piano or electronic instrumental tracks while listening to your favorite CDs, and play them back in perfect combination with the original recordings. ‘Sit in’ with the hottest new groups, classic combos or a full symphony orchestra, then sit back, press a couple of buttons, and listen to yourself performing ‘live’ with the pros!

Through the use of MTC (MIDI Time Code), PianoSmart can also synchronize recording and playback with external devices such as multi-track recording equipment and video cameras*. These features enable pianists, families and educators to create audiovisual records of any performance, complete with ‘live’ Disklavier acoustic piano playback, stereo audio instrumentals and vocals, and full-motion video – all as one integrated presentation. They also allow creative musicians to collaborate in ways seldom dreamed of before. In combination with the many other Disklavier capabilities, PianoSmart extends digital/acoustic

New! Speaker connections.

The DYUS1 EN now comes equipped with speaker jacks. Just plug in your own powered speakers to enjoy piano/ensemble performance or play the piano at reduced volume in digital Quite mode. PC, MIDI and AUX connections.

Along with an unprecedented range of internal capabilities, Disklavier pianos also provide easy plug-and-play access to a world of external equipment. MIDI IN/Out jacks let you control devices like synthesizers and sequencers from the Disklavier piano keyboard, add the capabilities of other MIDI devices to your Disklavier ensemble, or play the Disklavier’s piano and instrumental tones from external equipment.

AUX connections let you amplify the Disklavier’s sound via external audio equipment. The AUX In jack also allows you to listen and play along with audio recordings through external speakers or headphones.

The built-in PC interface lets you connect the Disklavier directly to your personal computer, for virtually unlimited range of additional possibilities. Play the Disklavier from your PC keyboard or applications. Download music files for playback on your Disklavier. Or even transmit Disklavier performances across the Internet. Silent System versatility

The built-in Silent System lets you cancel the acoustic sound and play at reduced volume through external speakers or headphones. This capability makes the Disklavier great for use as a MIDI controller and for multi-track recording, too.

Included Accessories:

  • Wireless remote control unit with batteries
  • PianoSoft sample disk
  • CD software
  • Blank 3.5″ HD floppy disk
  • Owner’s manuals
  • HPE-170 headphones