Boston UP126

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EXCELLENCE: To some it is only a word. For the Boston it is a standard. No piano in modern history has ever made itself heard so immediately or so dramatically as has the Boston.

No piano in modern history has ever made itself heard so immediately or so dramatically as has the Boston. The blending of high technology and the highest musical standards, it began as a challenge: create a piano with a level of performance and quality far superior to any instrument in its price range. Drawing on their incomparable experience, Steinway created a new kind of piano. Using the most sophisticated computer modelling, the company adapted proven concepts and materials for the special requirements of high technology manufacturing. steinway heritage is clearly present throughout. Playing the boston is proof that technology can indeed be taught to enhance performance, not compromise it.

“You can hear the effects of the Steinway&Sons design from one end of the scale to the other.” Bob Winter – Professor of Piano Berklee College of Music and Boston Pops Pianist.

When you first touch the keys of a Boston piano, be prepared for an entirely new experience. Unexpected power suddenly fills the room. Even a beginning player can clearly hear the difference in a Boston. The sound is full and beautifully ballanced. Boston duplex scale, adapted by the famous Steinway design, adds a harmonic richness and simply can’t be duplicated. Also, compared to other pianos, the Boston isn’t as highly strung. The reduced string tension allows a larger , tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain, and more singing quality in the tone, as well aslonger piano life. A wealth of other engineering enhancement, including optimum placement of braces, ribs, and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability.

“The tuning stability is excellent and the tone quality has a long-sustaining characteristic richness that is not diminished. This latter quality has brought many compliments from members of our string and piano faculties.” C. Deann Shank – Professor, Shepherd School of Music Rice University

Solid, straight grained, precisely tapered Sitka spruce for superior tone and volume.

Reverse crowned to better transfer sound to soundboard.

Wisconsin hard maple, laminated multi-directionally, for tighter pin fit and smoother, more lasting tuning.

Bass strings
Wound with solid copper and “overstrung” for maximum speaking length.

Treble strings
Roslau wire made from Swedish steel provides superior tone.

More powerful, longer sustaining tone.

Gray iron, precisely cast and “over engineered” to support 20 tons of string tension.

All wood for durability, faster repetition, and heightened responsiveness and control. Computer designed, pear shaped hammers with reinforced shoulders.

Comprehensive warranty.


• Height – 49 1/2″ = 126cm

• Width – 59 1/4″ = 150cm

• Depth – 24 1/4″ = 61cm

Available finishes

• Ebony Polished

• Mahogany Polish (prices on application)