Kawai K15

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The Kawai wood technology uses all of senses … seeing, smelling, feeling, to select the best woods. The soundboards of the K-series are finished of massive, very straight-grained spruce, that is very carefully selected, asymmetrical vaulted and scientifically tested, to fulfil Kawai’s high demands to te resonance behaviour and to the best sound.

Kawai’s selection of the best woods involves using the senses of sight, smell and touch, resulting in quality materials which produce soundboards of a special class. The soundboards of the K-series are produced from massive, straight-grained spruce that is carefully selected and scientifically tested to fulfil Kawai’s high demands of the behaviour of the resonance and to achieve the best sound.

Kawai’s ULTRA RESPONSIVE™ piano action leads the market in precision, through the combination of material strength, stability, precision and reliability.
The hammer heads are made of 100% pressed “Premium” wool. To make the action resistant to climatic and seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, Kawai pioneered the use of aluminium action rails and hammer rest rails, and we construct certain highly stressed components of friction-reducing, high-impact ABS Styran.

The laminated back posts of the K-series are designed for maximum rigidity to provide enhanced tuning stability for decades of reliable performance.

For reliability and superior sound quality, the K-15E is unsurpassable.


• Width – 149 cm

• Depth – 59 cm

• Height – 110 cm