Kawai K800AS

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Reliability and superior sound quality.
The K Series upright pianos offer a level of tone quality and performance that rivals many grand pianos. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K Series models are excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.

Every exacting detail of the action was exhaustively analysed to meet the stringent demands of the skilled pianist. One prime example of this effort was the addition of a microscopic surface texture on the jack at the point where it meets the hammer. The result of this subtle but important change is a dramatic increase in control during pianissimo playing.


  • Longer Music Rack on all models
  • New Soft Fall System
  • New Brass Casters (all models). For K-3, 5, 6, 8 models, there will be double casters.
  • Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
  • Agraffes
  • Full Duplex Scale (Upper & Lower)
  • NEOTEX Key Surfaces
  • Royal George Hammer Felt
  • True Sostenuto Pedal (AS)
  • Grand-Style “Hard Finish” Music Rack