Rebuilt and Pre-Owned Pianos

Many of the Pre-Owned Pianos in our showroom were bought new from us and traded in when upgrading. What this means is that our Pre-Owned Pianos are exclusively built by the top manufacturers, maintained by our expert technicians, and enjoyed by customers we know and trust.

Our Rebuilt Pianos are not simply refurbished or reconditioned, but undergo a complete and comprehensive restoration carried out by experts in Kalisz, a town in the heart of Poland steeped in piano building history and tradition.

Call or visit today to speak with our knowledgeable experts about our full range of Rebuilt and Pre-Owned Pianos.

Please note, we do not buy or sell used digital pianos or keyboards. Due to the volume and turnaround of pre-owned pianos we buy and sell, the models featured are just a small number of what we have available. All prices shown are subject to terms & conditions

Our Rebuilt & Pre-Owned Collection